Victoria Marquez

"Perception, and dysmorphia are concepts I delve into in my practice. I utilize a range of mediums for the purpose of beautifying and redefining the ideology of an “undesirable” body. Firing raw ceramic clay bodies, creating illusions with risographs, and augmenting ceramics with digitally fabricated elements are all ways in which I placed the body into discussion. The main purpose of my practice is to reimagine the body, not as something that must fit a standard, construct, definition, or preference, but as something that just is allowed "to be" at all times."

Victoria Marquez is an artist from Laredo, Texas with a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. Her sculptural work is heavily influenced by 3D fabrication due to her knowledge of maker space technologies after being a proctor in a Fabrication Lab at the University of Texas at Austin Fine Arts building.  She is also an Ox-Bow Recipient and received the M.K. Hage Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts for her studies, which has now caused a spark in her artistic practice to include ceramics to develop new conversations around body positivity/acceptance. She has created nine murals throughout her hometown and a mural for the Butler School of Music in Austin, Texas. All of her mural related projects were developed in order to serve the community either by beautifying an ignored space, recreating an atmosphere, or to serve as an educational guide. In her smaller scale paintings she utilizes fabrics as a metaphor for the human body.